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Here's How Reading Teacher Support Can Help You Increase your SAT and ACT test scores!

For the past 6 years, I've been teaching high school juniors and seniors who struggle with standardized tests because they struggle with reading skills and strategies. I prepare them for the reading and English sections of the SAT and ACT. Many students see a score increase of 100 points or more in the EBRW (English Based Reading and Writing) section of the SAT and 5 or more points on the reading and English sections of the ACT.

The best part of becoming a member is that you are not alone in your test prep! The membership includes:

  • LIVE online, group tutoring with Nicole several times a week!
  • Individualized, 1:1 tutoring sessions with Nicole!
  • Self-paced activities you can work on and testing resources in our abundant online library, which is constantly growing so you will have access to supportive content as soon as it is released!
  • Through our member-only community platform you will have 24/7 access to our forum where you can post questions about specific test items. 

As a certified reading specialist and a current classroom teacher who enjoys working with teens to achieve their test score goals, I promise this is not your average SAT or ACT tutoring! 

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