Hi, I'm Nicole Grey

Founder of Stress Free Test Prep

I graduated from the University of Central Florida (UCF, Go Knights!) in 2002. I started teaching 1st grade immediately after graduating. I went on to teach 3rd and 5th grades also. While teaching full time and raising a son, I earned my masters degree in reading and literacy education. I also earned my Instructional Coaching Certification, ESOL endorsement and gifted endorsement. After 15 years of teaching elementary school, I felt like there was a different calling on my life.

I left the comfort of the elementary school classroom and started teaching remedial reading to high school junior and seniors. This is my 7th year teaching in this capacity.

My main goal is to help my students meet the reading requirements for graduation either by showing competence in our state standardized tests or by meeting a concordant score on the SAT or ACT. As a lover of reading and a self-proclaimed grammar and word nerd, I quickly realized how much I ENJOY SAT and ACT test prep for the reading and English sections. (I leave the math section prep for the math experts! LOL)

For the past three years, I have partnered with TRIO Connections of Central Florida where I provide students with SAT and ACT online reading and English tutoring. Many of these students are trying to improve their scores to either gain acceptance to their dream college or earn a required score for a certain scholarship. I have helped several students earn the score they needed for Florida's Bright Futures Scholarship. 

So whether you are a struggling reader who is trying to get a passing score for graduation, a student who struggles with test-taking anxiety or a student who wants to increase their reading and English scores for college admissions and/or scholarships, I WOULD LOVE TO WORK WITH YOU! As a high school teacher, I understand where you are; I know your frustrations; and I empathize with your struggles.

I am so excited to work with you to increase your test scores!

Let's do this!